Adding home automation to your blinds brings comfort and convenience to your smart home, but also helps to reduce your energy usage and increases your home’s security. Our OneTouch and Somfy systems, brings wireless control to your blinds. Control your blinds from your phone or via remote, and enjoy your windows in a new light.



Your blinds can be set to automatically close when the sun goes down, making your home more cosy and comfortable. In the morning, they can open slowly, or even to a preset position to wake you gently.



No more struggling to adjust window shades in hard-to-reach locations, or worrying about messy dangling cords. Relax and let our motors do the work for you.

No need to go around your home opening and closing blinds, they can look after themselves based on automatic schedules, or you can operate them from your smartphone whether you're at home or away. You'll never forget to close them again - even if you're on holiday!

Somfy’s myLinkTM app enables you to operate your motorized shades anytime, anywhere. And Somfy motors integrate seamlessly into other home automation systems, creating the ultimate smart home.



New legislation has been introduced governing how blinds that operated by chains or looped cords are installed. This follows a number of tragic incidents involving young children becoming entangled in blind cords/chains. Wirelessly operated blinds have no cord or chain, so there is no hazard to young children.



You can significantly reduce your energy costs by automating your blinds to react to temperature and light level. Lowering the blinds, when the temperature rises with the sun streaming through the windows, will lower the room temperature - saving air conditioning costs. Opening them during cold winter months to harvest heat from the sun and then closing them as night draws in can save heating costs.



Having shutters and blinds close automatically at night or when you're away from home increases your home's security. The less of your valuables that can be see from outside, the less chance that a burglar will take a chance on breaking into your home. If you're away on vacation, you can have the blinds open and close at irregular intervals, making it look like you're still at home.



Manually operating blinds, whether it's pulling them down or pulling a chain, takes a toll on the blinds. And if you've ever seen how children slam them down, you'll know what I mean. Sooner or later they'll need maintaining or fixing as they've broken. Motorised blinds work in a smoother way, minimising wear and tear, and extending their life. Automating your blinds and shutters saves money in more ways than one.

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