Here at MD we believe light affects a child’s learning; in fact, there is evidence it does. We are passionate about creating the right shading solutions that are always safe and reliable. From resolving headaches due to poor shade during sunny break times, to the visual learning aid of EduBlinds, we pride ourselves on being recognised as a leading supplier of blinds and awnings for educational environments throughout the South East.


All of our blinds fitted come with unique design options that are safe around children; from blinds with no operating cords that are electric, to simple tensioned cord products, you can rest easy knowing our range of blinds are reliable and flexible to suit any school, nursery or day care provider’s needs.

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Vibrant and educational, these blinds are in their element. Visual learning has never been more important, with education and jobs changing, visual aids in classrooms can make all the difference to a child’s learning.

  • Child Safe - In line with the current legislation, EduBlinds has tested all relevant products to ensure they are compliant with the Child Safety Requirements of BS En13120.
  • Curriculum Based - EduBlinds are printed with colourful and engaging designs; breaking down curriculum-based topics into easily digestible chunks of information.
  • Durable - Only the best components are used in the manufacture of EduBlinds. Robust aluminium tubes and top quality fabrics, washable with mild soaps, EduBlinds last longer than your ordinary blinds.
  • Fire Safe - All our fabrics are certified flame retardant, guaranteeing you peace of mind.
  • UK Business - All EduBlinds are designed, printed and hand made in the UK.



Schools have budgets and often large chunks are spent on buying new blinds and awnings when something goes wrong. At MD we offer a call-out service for the maintenance and repair of products within busy schools. We almost always repair blinds on site, ordering replacement parts if needed from our trustworthy suppliers, and working at suitable times when learning is not disrupted, such as late afternoons and school holidays.


We all need some sun exposure — it's the top source of vitamin D, which helps our bodies absorb calcium for stronger, healthier bones. But it doesn't take much time in the sun for most people to get the vitamin D they need. And repeated unprotected exposure to the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays can cause skin damage, eye damage, immune system suppression, and skin cancer. Most children get much of their lifetime sun exposure before age 18, so it's important for elders to teach them how to enjoy the sun safely. Taking the right precautions can greatly reduce overexposure of the sun, and with our child-safe awnings, taking precautions has never been easier.

The Markilux awnings we install and supply follow European and British safety standards against UV protection. In a range of colours and styles, our awnings provide unbeatable shade for children during break times.


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Check our recent gallery for some effortless approaches to shading solutions; from bespoke blinds offering essential shade in Summer and reducing heat loss during cooler months, to premium Marklilux awnings, we have the ideal product for you and your home.