Insect Screens

During the warmer months, insects can be a huge nuisance to your home and business. From wasps and mosquitos, to bluebottles and moths, flying insects are noisy, unhygienic and nearly impossible to keep out. With MD’s made-to-measure Flydor screens, you can let the cool air into your home but keep unwelcome pests out.

Our range of screens are all designed with aesthetics in mind, slim and compact, convenient and effortless, every Flydor screen we install are of high quality and address your individual needs.


Our range of Flydor domestic insect screens are the perfect solutions for a bug free home. Now you can keep your home a clean, safe and comfortable, insect free zone all summer long, whilst still enjoying all the benefits of opening your windows and doors.

From Plisse and rollers to anodised chains, MD provides a range of high quality insect screens suitable for conservatory doors and windows, patio doors, bi-fold doors, single doors and large windows within the home.

  • Roller Screens – versatile, attractive and easy to fit, these retractable screens are usually made of fabric which keep insects out with minimal disruption to views.
  • Plisse Screens – offering design aesthetic and functionality, these screens provide protection from insects and dust whilst allowing you to pass through with no difficulties.
  • Anodised Chain Link - used for multiple years to protect premises like restaurants and hotels against flying insects and bugs. These are also commonly used in and around home kitchens and patio doors.


Work in culinary arts? The struggle of insects affecting business is huge. With 1/3 of people staying they would walk out of a business premises with multiple insects in, bugs can be a costly mistake. With our made-to-measure service, you can rest easy knowing your business is safe and secure from flying insects 24 hours a day.

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